Farewell to Part of Me

On this day when the Vice President and his family bury a beloved child, brother, father, and friend in the tragic death of Beau Biden I am reminded how difficult it is to say “goodbye” to one’s
child. My son died young, but I feel all our children are our children forever. They are part of us that we must give up so they can grow and become whole, but we give them up in order to keep them, not to give them away to disease and death.
They are our hopes and poems and prayers to the Universe to continue the song we started and to which only they know the final chorus.
Love for a child is so easy and natural that I am often stunned at people who don’t seem to have that gene. Children of all ages
can make us remember our own childhood and tug at the door to open up a universe outside the family….so we can return safely to the family after exploration.
I hope Beau Biden rests in peace, the love of his family covering him like a warm blanket against the chill of the long night.


About christineemmert

Words have been part of my life. First the spoken word in my time as an actress and increasingly the written word in my shift to writer. I write across the genres, but mostly as a playwright and poet. My interest as my life extends is in the realm of tethering myth to the mundane reality where I live. In this vein I have expanded into stories and novels. Presently I look at how myths taken from past cultures can affect us today. Hence my novella of Lilith which is out on Kindle . I live in the Eastern Woodlands where I try to incorporate nature into my many writing projects. We are so in danger of losing that link to our very planet!
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