Living Each Day – Dr Oliver Sachs

Oliver Sachs in a sense just wrote through an essay his own epitaph. I could not better such words, but he caused me to think of my own life — although I have no news about when it will end.
He reminded me we are all alive until the last breath goes out of us, but while we are living we are preparing ourselves for that threshold we must cross.
I am now in my seventies and look more to what needs to be done than what needs to be put off until another time. I have much I want to write, some acting yet, and maybe another big trip or two on this wonderful earth.
I used to wake up in the night in a panic after my one son’s death to wonder if I still had breath in me. Now I wake up and listen
to the darkness, my husband snoring and the dog breathing softly.
There is no point to panic if one cannot change the circumstances.
Oliver Sachs has much to do….and doesn’t know how much time left
to accomplish it. In that way he is part of the world. We all
have much left to do. We run on a calendar we can’t see, can’t compute…..just like the greater universe.


About christineemmert

Words have been part of my life. First the spoken word in my time as an actress and increasingly the written word in my shift to writer. I write across the genres, but mostly as a playwright and poet. My interest as my life extends is in the realm of tethering myth to the mundane reality where I live. In this vein I have expanded into stories and novels. Presently I look at how myths taken from past cultures can affect us today. Hence my novella of Lilith which is out on Kindle . I live in the Eastern Woodlands where I try to incorporate nature into my many writing projects. We are so in danger of losing that link to our very planet!
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