When Witches Fly

There is no loving Halloween for me. I have tried to write of real witches, ghosts and goblins that need more than candy to soothe their
darkness. These other forces of the universe that we give names to which are not holy and redeeming are forces we feel we can control if
we trivialize them in this season.

We put evil forces in the night where they can’t be viewed fore squarely. Then we allow them to invade us just one night a year
as though they would be grateful for that invitation.

Perhaps they trivialize us as well. Perhaps they make us their dark shadows when we believe just the opposite.

The two-faces of Life tell me witches fly every day just as Saints
spread their balm. A time of year for rising winds and dying heat.
This is the time when Goodness can wear a mask. This is the time
when Pumpkins acquire a sneer. This is the time to kiss away the pain
of Time itself.


About christineemmert

Words have been part of my life. First the spoken word in my time as an actress and increasingly the written word in my shift to writer. I write across the genres, but mostly as a playwright and poet. My interest as my life extends is in the realm of tethering myth to the mundane reality where I live. In this vein I have expanded into stories and novels. Presently I look at how myths taken from past cultures can affect us today. Hence my novella of Lilith which is out on Kindle . I live in the Eastern Woodlands where I try to incorporate nature into my many writing projects. We are so in danger of losing that link to our very planet!
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