The Challenge of Being Human

Buddhists say we are consumed with being either half full or half empty.  There is still always that other half.  I lived a life where I knew several people who became important and many more who did not.  Those who were important were riddled with doubt as well as those who weren’t.  Again those pesky Buddhists would say being human is a challenge to forget the Whole (and thus see it as a half full or empty situation) and concentrate on the content of what IS in the moment.

Sometimes the above paragraph makes perfect sense to me, but then Ego interferes and I sit wondering why I cannot get past the notion that there should be more people reading my work or wanting me to perform.  Am I a failure?  or is the work the success, not the response.  I am glad to be able to make the work out of such raw tools as life and experiences.    

I accept my humaness.  I decry it too.  But I cannot change it.  Or myself.  It is this lack of motion away or towards that puts me here smack in the center of living.  Not always a good place to be, but neither is it a bad place.


About christineemmert

Words have been part of my life. First the spoken word in my time as an actress and increasingly the written word in my shift to writer. I write across the genres, but mostly as a playwright and poet. My interest as my life extends is in the realm of tethering myth to the mundane reality where I live. In this vein I have expanded into stories and novels. Presently I look at how myths taken from past cultures can affect us today. Hence my novella of Lilith which is out on Kindle . I live in the Eastern Woodlands where I try to incorporate nature into my many writing projects. We are so in danger of losing that link to our very planet!
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