Unshackling from Quarantine

I wonder will I be afraid to leave the house, drive somewhere and walk free without masks or ghosts of virus?  Will any of us?  The world is still out there to be enjoyed and to enjoy us.  I saw six buzzards lining up the other day as though they were  waiting for a bus.  They seemed unconcerned about my presence. I was delighted by theirs.  Their lives were unshackled and just anticipating whatever came their way.

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Thank you, Mother Nature

Mother Nature has her day today.  She ought to celebrate everyday and thus be celebrated.  Earth Day is an occasion to see  how she has placed us on a planet so varied and jaw dropping that poets have never been able to fully praise it with simple words.  Can we finally admit we love Mother Nature and her nurturing heart?

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Releasing Spring’s Grasp

Spring has a tight grasp holding all the seeds and lives that She needs to free Winter into leaving.  As the sun strokes away her solemn expression her fist unrolls, and out falls the joyous new season onto the earth to take hold there.  The waters pull a melody from frozen streambeds.  Spring is reluctant until she sees the moods expand into their own light landscape.


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Exorcism at Midnight

The world stands right at midnight.  Yesterday was the corona virus.  What can tomorrow hold?  If life is turning medieval we need bell, book and candle to drive out the demons standing at the doorway, ready to come to us and invite us to dance with the devil.  But we’ve already done that in a hundred ways….little and large.  It is not sin that brought us here.  It is negligence of the earth that was so good to us.  Let the rituals rage!  Until there is a solemn ending to the tolling bell and a fresh flash of wind we are not free of it.

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Flying High

The broken tooth windows of the falling down barn compel the raptors housed within to observe my very observation.

Their presence looks domestic even in the setting of ruin.

Agitation flaps their wings to our surprise flying into the smooth beauty of blue skies.



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I watched the Oscars as I do every year with my mouth wide open and so are my eyes and ears.  There were the usual highlights and lowlights.  The winners probably deserved their statuettes.  Film shows us the strange reality of terror and cynicism in two or three or four hours that doesn’t greet many of us in a lifetime.   There were some real people in the audience among the surgically altered.  Alas, not enough.  We knew with Toto we weren’t in Kansas anymore, but where were we? That gigantic theatre as a warehouse for strange dreams eluded myself who usually performs live in small venues. And the winner is???

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A Toe Into the Cosmic Ocean

Seeing more films about outer space that hint at the emptiness and silence of the universe beyond our immediate grasp.  The solitary confinement of each piece of the puzzle while making an expansive Whole.  It will be wonderful to see what does lie beyond, but companionship is human.  We still  need our world here.

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The delights of dark winter

We all need down time.  Summer heats us into travel and longer days.  Winter comes to bed us down and lullaby us into a deep sleep of dreams .  I hate the long darkness, but somehow have come to accept its importance in keeping me creative.  Resting is not a bad thing for our body and soul.

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The Raw and the Cooked

When I was a student of Anthropology in the 70s there was the famous counterpoint of raw and cooked in analyzing cultural groups.  Returning from Kenya that dualism is helpful in understanding how that nation proceeds.  The raw — the tribes out of cities, the animals, the wealth of plants and environments — competes with the cooked which is represented by the cities that are the petri dishes for future growth.  We are the cooked that live our lives trying to find stability in our own unbalanced world where phones are changed in design and function every year, where cars drive themselves, and where money in the bank is said to represent success and even happiness.

It is a sad dichotomy.  And takes away the world of the poets, artists, mystics.  It diminishes the gifts of animals to our world.

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Cricket Arias

The crickets have suddenly decided our home needs to be serenaded.  Their music carries us through the dark night and into the transitioning days.  Like much of the opera I hear I can’t understand the words, but the emotion is powerful.  The desire to sing out is so important in keeping hope alive.

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