Going North

The Viking muscle is harder to cut than wood gone to petrification. Although snow can melt under flame, the sword is strengthened in this land of Midnight Sun.  Sun, the greatest fire, fills the goblets of the warriors. They drink red heat and morph into dragons. We flutter lightly against their wings’ flap.  We love their majesty.  They love our adoration.  It is not the promise of another world, eternal.  Their world and the world of those who guide them ends.  No salvation, but plenty of drama.


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Stephen Hawking/a belated wave

Stephen Hawking’s mind took a walk awhile ago into the vastness of Time and his body said:”Wait for me!” and so they left .  I waved goodbye, but what was my small wave against his next great adventure.  He had completely left us high and dry without his droll wisdom to sustain the lives we still must lead.  I did not even get the chance to thank him for how he opened my head and let the cosmos in.  Now I think he has seen more of it, but he won’t be coming back to share it.  We must learn the way to follow after when it is our cue, not to a heaven of angels, but into a night of stars, comets, and black holes whirling around in eternal dance.


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Women’s Work is Never Done

International Women’s Day has come around again, and we still sigh over all the fights left to win about having our sex enjoy a full and happy life.  I sometimes despair when I see social media picture women as objects.  The women themselves enjoy being objectified.  Breasts falling out of tops, skirts so short they might as well not exist, and more paint than da Vinci applied to the Mona Lisa.

We should be painting up our minds, and taking the gaze of others off trivia .  There is nothing wrong with physical beauty, but it should not be the center of the admiration.

I enjoy so much of my life now that I have said adieu to superficial estimates.  I like women so much more when life is not a competition.  And I also like my husband and son more when they can appreciate the beautiful mind as well as a beautiful body.

The sky is blue today.  Tomorrow?  Clouds?  Snow?  It’s still the same world….just how you live in it.

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More Than A Week Should Offer

I have news fatigue.  This week makes my head spin….sometimes completely around.  Dreamers and Russians and (so sadly) School Shootings.  Mental  illness and assault rifles.  Food stamps transformed into cans of food.  We cry and laugh and gnash our teeth in anger.  No one told me one week could make me long for life on a desert island with not even the message of a ship in a bottle washing up.


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A Ride in the Country

There is always something optimistic about a ride into Lancaster County where the Amish have a large presence.  To see their world beside our own makes me know that a simpler life without cars and TV and such may be more inclusive of the world people created to live a self-sufficient existence.  I know I could not be happy in such a contained world, but those who can and do live that life should be honored too.  There are problems , of course.  I smile at those who go up there and stay in themed hotels and take the buggy rides and feel they are being momentarily Amish.  It’s a hard life.

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Waiting for the larger light

Candle light shows a small and intimate look and sunlight blazes, but there is a larger light out there still to come our way and ignite our endings.  We are fascinated by the possibilities of all lighting, but this amazing conclusion we avoid.  We must if we are to let the lesser lights guide us on.


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Nights Skies

I am told we never look up anymore. Out in the middle of the night with my dog waiting for him to decide a warm interior was better, I did look up at the sky. The stillness chilled me at first, but there were the stars in shattering brightness lying on the black velvet cloth of evening. I was momentarily stunned and breathless in the brief look out into a universe beyond. Look up when you can. There is no building high enough to blot out the worlds beyond us.

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